A Unique Resource


For a long time, there have been resources for couples and professionals about marriage — and about divorce — but what about for those who are caught in limbo?

For couples where one person may have a foot out the door and perhaps already have started the divorce process, but still have some doubts.

For those couples where one person desperately wants to save the marriage and the other person can’t envision continuing on. 

For those couples where the only options seem to be to stay unhappy or to leave — but wonder if there’s something they might be missing.

At Relationship Crossroads, we are committed to helping prevent unnecessary or premature divorces, while also supporting couples who determine that divorce is the best outcome in their situation. We started this website to help make more resources available to couples who are considering divorce but have reservations, and also to divorce professionals who may encounter ambivalent couples in their work.

Relationship Crossroads is not religiously affiliated, and we work with couples of all faiths (or none) and with long-term couples that identify as both straight and within the LGBTQ communities. Whether couples are legally married or not, we work with couples to help them figure out their next best steps.

The primary goals of discernment counseling and our private discernment retreats are clarity, resolution, and awareness, rather than a particular outcome. We have found that most couple who go through the discernment process have more clarity and confidence in their next steps, greater understanding about how they got to this place of crisis, and greater compassion for themselves and their partners. Those who pursue reconciliation have a head start in their work ahead, and those who pursue divorce often do so with less rancor.

In our work with divorce professionals, we provide tools, language and resources to help attorneys, mediators and clergy assess for divorce ambivalence and to feel better equipped to help couples pause and reflect so they can feel at peace that they are making the right decision for themselves and their families, and that it makes sense to take that step at this time.


Relationship Crossroads was created to help Relationship Crossroads was created by Rachel Zamore in 2017 as an independent project of InnerWell Integrative Counseling Services, based in southern Vermont. Please email info@relationshipcrossroads.com for media, collaboration or speaking inquiries. To schedule a consultation, appointment or private retreat, please visit Getting Started.