Affair Repair Private Healing Retreat

Repair & reconnection for committed couples.

Are you both committed to rebuilding after a betrayal — or at least trying to see if healing is possible? I can help.


serious_coupleMy Affair Repair couples therapy private retreat is for you if:


  • You’ve discovered an affair and want to see if you can restore trust.
  • You’ve cheated and want to regain your partner’s love and trust.
  • You are both committed to healing and want to make a lot of progress in a short period of time.
  • You want to better understand what happened and how to know that it won’t happen again in the future.
  • You care enough about your marriage or relationship that you’re willing to put the rest of your commitments and work and life on hold and prioritize this relationship for a long weekend or week while you see if you can heal this rift and rebuild a stronger foundation together.


What to Expect

In my private couples therapy retreats for affair repair, the focus is on healing, repair and rebuilding. While I hold that each person is accountable for his or her actions, I also recognize that there is usually context and history in each relationship that plays a role. Together, we will look at both the immediate crisis, and at the longer-term dynamics and communication patterns that may have formed a backdrop or context for the infidelity. My approach is one of compassionate curiosity, as we all get on the same team to really understand what happened, to create the emotional safety and the conditions for real healing and reconnection, and to rebuild a stronger foundation to protect your relationship moving forward.

Affairs can provide an profound opportunity for couples to rebuild their relationship, and to create a stronger and healthier bond than ever before. Truly.

It takes courage to do the work. I’m here to help when you’re ready.


For general information and frequently asked questions about private couples retreats at InnerWell, please visit my Couples Retreats page for additional details. 

When we started with Rachel, we didn’t think there was any hope. It was an absolutely impossible situation. But Rachel was able to really listen and read between lines we didn’t even know were there. She helped us see ourselves individually and as a couple in a new light that goes beyond self help ideas and platitudes. Looking back on our time working with Rachel, it’s clear her approach and experience was the only way my wife and I could have ever found ourselves on the path back together. 

T.L., Vermont

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