imagesIs your relationship in real distress, but your partner or spouse won’t go with you to couples therapy or discernment counseling?

There may still be a lot you can do to improve the relationship dynamics and help get your relationship onto more solid footing. Since each relationship is a dance between two people, if one person changes their moves in that dance, it is undoubtedly going to affect the way the dance is done together.

We can help you look more clearly at your part in how the relationship gets stuck, and what you can do to help shift it to a better place. Working as both coach and counselor, your therapist will help you identify — with compassion and curiosity — the dynamics in your relationship and what changes you might be able to make that will increase the likelihood of your relationship improving. Together, we’ll come up with a game plan to help you best navigate the rocky terrain and bring your best self to this challenging relationship dynamic.