Learn to connect (differently).

Transform old patterns from the inside out to create healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

Expert relationship consultation for individuals & couples.

Learn skills. Develop insight. Gain confidence. Make connection.


Relationships are the heart and soul of our lives, and you deserve nourishing, fulfilling and meaningful connection.

Hi, I’m Rachel Zamore, and I’m a Relationship Consultant, here to help you grow yourself and your skills and confidence for successful, lasting relationships — with a partner, with your kids, with your team at work — wherever relationships matter. Areas of specialty include:

  • Communication skills for connection & relatability
  • The art of presence — develop your capacity to connect in a meaningful way
  • Post-breakup relationship autopsy — learn, heal, grow and move forward
  • Reducing reactivity & anxiety for better connections
  • Developing assertiveness & healthy boundaries
  • Transforming old relationship patterns that are no longer serving you
  • Develop your relationship savvy and emotional IQ
  • Unhooking from negative self-talk that keeps you feeling separate
  • Healing and self-discovery after an affair

I provide coaching and relationship consultation for people dealing with issues that impact, and are impacted by, our relationships. I work with couples and with individuals around the world, by phone and via secure videoconference, as well as in-person meetings and private intensives. 


Take Charge of Your Relationship Satisfaction, or Get Ready for Your Next Relationship

I’ll help you discover the best in yourself and bring that back out into your life and relationships. My integrative approach draws from the latest in the field of relationship health and personal growth, weaving together the wisdom of a gentle, mindfulness with the clarity of recent discoveries about how our minds really work and how change really happens. I understand how powerful emotions and relationships can be, and love helping people get free from old patterns that may no longer be serving them, so they can have truly satisfying and nourishing connections with themselves and others.

If you’re currently in a relationship and your partner isn’t willing to work on things together, you can learn how to improve the relationship by changing your part in the dance you two are caught in. Really. Not sure how that would work? Let’s talk.


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